Studio Practice

On a recent visit home I remarked to a friend that my parents feel very Californian in their senior years. She said of course they’ve lived here for three decades. To me they never felt American but the realization that they are Californian was disorienting. I suspect living in a place where the physical earth shifts under your feet and the brush ignites on whim changes you in some way. My extended family and my childhood home remain in Tbilisi. I continue to speak the language, eat the food, know its poetry. But I don’t know what the air smells like.

Animation: Continental Drift UC Berkley

I’ve started to slow down my process, taking longer to collect, research and sketch before jumping in.

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered Greener Pastures. I’ve been busy assembling and packing for the March 15 delivery date.


I have started to collect all the links on a single page, you can reference last months links using the "archive” button below. Let me know if there is anything you came across that you want to share. info@topuriya.com

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Interdependence—Artist tokens, Community Owned Institutions...