I’ve spent most of my online life staying away from writing, it’s not my strength. But lately I’m finding there is nothing insightful in sharing context free images on social media, nothing useful, not even for myself. 

This is an attempt to free myself from that pattern. I want this space to not only be a place to share and connect but an extension of my studio practice. No different than any other art project. If you are not subscribed yet please use the link below.


I usually sit down and mix swatches if it has been a while since I’ve painted. It is mostly a mindless action, similar to a morning studio sweep or finding clarity in the shower. It gives me the opportunity to think through projects and solidify ideas that may otherwise be free floating. The swatches become a physical manifestation of a thought process, separate from the idea or project itself. Being away from the studio (Im in-between cities) I’ve started forming these digitally.

I am interested in learning how you process your ideas and if this process itself results in a tangible object. If you have anything to share you can comment, reply or email, maybe we can collect them together somehow.  email: info(at)topuriya.com

On a related note I am trying to learn more about foraging pigments. Specifically where to find natural California pigments. I know very little about this subject but I’ve started researching. I hope to have made some progress to share next month.


The last year has forced me to reevaluate how I use my time online and how at times the constant feed has warped or damaged my own practice. So many projects abandoned because the idea of the final product became overwhelming when compared to the polished pieces I would see online. 

This is one of the projects I wouldn’t have completed in the past. It makes me uncomfortable. Greener Pastures is a phrase poem, a collection of phrases that circle my brain, or lines I have jotted down along the way. It is a product of my struggle to find my way back home. A love token to California.

The entire project—from the box to the inserts—is printed and assembled in the studio. No part of the process efficient but I wanted this first project to be a labor
of love.


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Every month I will try to include a list of resources I have found helpful and interesting. I will start a repository for these links as I continue to add to them. 

A Soft Manifesto by Courtney Cassidy
The Big Artist Opportunities List by Everest Pipkin
Map of Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages across the world